“Today’s Future” A poem 


It’s always presently impending, looking for it is never ending. It’s a notion that things will get better in its presence, and pain will be forgotten in its existence.

~The future~

Things will always be faster, but ever the same? Things will be wondrous, and imagination never reframed.

~My future~

It’s one I dream will be laced with beauty and grace. Drampt is the chance to be in a bride-to-be trance, and baby dance.

~It’s the future~

For those who lived long ago, this is the future- the life that we know. This is the day, that would come as they say, the present is something to behold, and gold if you’d only break the mold. 

The mold that happiness is only in the future. It can be found now, so what’s with despair? The future arrives with every dawn. What will you do before this day is gone? Don’t waste your time on things that won’t change, be happy for today, I promise I’ll do the same.


It’s upon us yet we wait, make today great, don’t hesitate- make it count before it’s too late.

Copyright Typically Untypical Teen©


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